David Fernandez Rivas

Professor, founder & cEO

David Fernandez Rivas (1981) obtained his Engineering and MSc degree in Cuba and moved to the Netherlands in 2007, to do his PhD in the research group Mesoscale Chemical Systems group. After his post-doc, he became assistant professor (tenure track) and since 2021 he is professor in Twente…..David received the Prince Friso Engineer of 2021, granted by a professional jury of the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers (KIVI), and the corresponding Public Prize.

The Team

Our team consists of established and up-and-coming talent, including PhDs, Postdocs, Researchers, and Engineers. This enables us to handle large-scale challenges that cover several fields of science, which is something we love — and do on a regular basis.


Meet every one of us and let us exchange knowledge and share the passion for discovery and realization of innovation.

Claudia Muñoz Villaescusa

Started PhD project 01/2021

Lea Milovich

Business developer - InkBeams co-founder

Jelle Schoppink

Started PhD project 01/2020

Diana van der Ven

Started PhD project 01/2020

Keerthana Mohan

Started PhD project 02/2021

Miguel Quetzeri

Joined as postdoc in 09/2020

Loreto Oyarte

Postdoctoral researcher, 2018-2019

Andrew K. Dickerson

Visiting professor 2022, NSF