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NWO Physics conference

David and Jelle attended the NWO Physics conference in Velthoven on January 23 & 24. NWO Physics is the largest physics conference in the Netherlands,

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Squeezed Droplets

Following the work that we did on microfluidic jets impacting on droplets, we decided to squeeze droplets between two glass walls. This allowed us to visualise

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Publication in ADDR

Jelle and David have recently published a review paper with the title ‘Jet injectors: Perspectives of small volume delivery using lasers‘. The paper was published

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Sensus Jury

I had the great opportunity to serve as jury of the Translational Potential award during the student’s competition Sensus.

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As expert…

Once more, EOS has asked me to comment, now on the possibilities of using textile / clothes as sensors!

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Apple sauce

While many were having a summer break, our work became cover of the Soft Matter volume 17 of 2021. Please, check the comparison with the

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Several interviews …

After receiving the Prince Friso Award several news’ agencies contacted me, to make interviews, or comment on recently published items. It is amazing how much

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In Spanish and Dutch

I gave a couple of interviews to different news outlets, related to the nomination for the Prince Friso Engineering Award of 2021. Inyectar sin agujas:

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