BuBbleGun in Klokhuis episode ‘Fear-free injections’

Proud and happy to share our needle-free injection research with the new generation! On 31-11-2022 our BuBbble-Gun system was featured in an episode from Klokhuis, a popular Dutch educational tv-show for children, about Fear-free injections (‘Prikken zonder angst’). The episode reviewed why people are afraid of injections, how to better deal with this fear, and how to avoid this fear, by simply avoiding needles. That’s where our research comes in! I had the chance to explain how our liquid micro-jets are made, and was able to show a quick injection demonstration experiment. Also, it was very special to be behind the scenes of a show I also used to watch on primary school. Hopefully, it keeps inspiring kids to stay curious and creative, so they can become our future scientists one day.

The episode can be found here.


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