Winners of Magic 50 Awards Dutch Innovation Days 2022

Magic 50 DID

Winners! We won as FlowBeams, the Magic 50 Award, granted by the Dutch Innovation Days, 2022. The night of the competition, a small group from our Team received and celebrated the prize. It was a great honour to compete with such great innovations (here). Euronitrile , CLEVER°FRANKE, Flux Robotics, The Great Bubble Barrier® , Phycom, Stratech , EC Sens, Moovd, DEMCON, OneThird , Moneybird, Baseflow, Rival Foods, Innovadis BV, Flow Beams, University […]

Injecting without needles: more efficient and less pain

Jet hitting liquid droplet

Prikken zonder naald: zuiniger en minder pijnlijk Injecting without needles can be done more efficiently and causing less pain. The very prestigious news magazine NRC (Dutch) gave a great recount of what our efforts are aimed at, and its reach.. The article mentions our plans to collaborate with Anna Roukens, from LUMC.

Proof of Concept 150k Euro grant from the ERC to develop a prototype: needle free injections closer to become reality!

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that we got the Proof of Concept grant to continue developing our needle-free injector prototype! We want to revolutionize the experience of people who receive or perform frequent injections by developing a portable needle-free device using lasers and microjets. Bold-Jet will become a solution perfectly suitable for treatments […]

NSF and ERC jetting collaboration

During the month of January, 2022, we had the privilege to have in our lab Prof. Andrew Dickerson from Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Tennessee. His visit was made possible due to the agreement between the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the European Research Council (ERC). Andrew’s project ‘Tuning liquid jet and splash dynamics by deformable […]

Winner of the UT Media Prize 2021

David won the University of Twente UT in The Media Award 2021! The Board of Directors of the UT stimulates efforts aimed at disseminating  the results of academic research and that they more frequently come to the attention of the broader audience. In this case, David and his team of collaborators have appeared several times […]

The BuBble group starting 2022

It is hard to make pictures of the group, with or without masks, in these pandemic times. There were actually two team members who could not join for the big moment. We will try it again! However, we were happy to meet with the broader BuBbles Team at the University of Twente.

Claudia joins our team as a PhD student!

A new PhD student, Claudia Muñoz Villaescusa has joined our team, and will explore different scenarios of small liquid volumes penetration in complex substrates, such as skin. She got her MSc and BSc at the InSTEC, Havana Cuba.

Green sustainable aspects of our technology: Het Groene Oosten, Dutch TV

Lea Milovich, co-founder of our spin-off FlowBeams explains (in Dutch) several elements of our plans. In particular, reducing the amount of waste generated with traditional injections would have tremendous impact. The journalist André van der Zee seized our ideas with a great sense of humour! Healthcare workers suffer needle-stick incidents with grave consequences for their […]

Stairway to Impact Award 2021 prize from Dutch Research Council

This year is full of amazing news for the BuBble Gun team, and The Stairway to Impact Awards 2021 is a very good example. It will be used to organise the second edition of The Future Under Our Skin. is an international stakeholder network with funding from the National Research Agenda. FUOS has evolved into […]