New paper published in Applied Physics Letters

Our new article is published in Applied Physics Letters. It is titled “Laser beam properties control and microfluidic confinement control thermocavitation”. In this study, Jelle and David collaborate with Jose Alfredo Alvarez-Chavez from the Optical Sciences group in Twente. We study thermocavitation in microfluidic confinement, which is the generation of a vapor bubble through CW […]

New publication together with EPFL

We have published a new article in Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, in the special issue on ‘Flow and heat transfer in medical science and applications’. This work was the result of the collaboration with Dr. Jan Krizek and Prof. Christophe Moser from EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland). Last year Spring, David & Jelle visited the […]

New BuBble-gun publication with Andrew Dickerson in Physics of Fluids

The newest publication from the BuBble-gun team has been selected Featured ¬†article in the Physics of Fluids journal! This work isthe result of the visit of prof. Andrew Dickerson from the University of Tennessee last year in January. In this collaboration, we investigated the microjet generated from channels with alternating stripes of hydrophilic (strong affinity […]

Microfluidic jet splashing Charted

While preparing our Bubble-Gun system for actual skin injections using hydrogels we discovered distinct impact behavior based on jet characteristics and material stiffness. As the vast majority of (microfluidic)jet impact behavior was still uncharted territory we decided to map and explore the boundaries of these impact regimes. This work was collected into a paper titled […]

Squeezed Droplets

Following the work that we did on microfluidic¬†jets impacting on droplets, we decided to squeeze droplets between two glass walls. This allowed us to visualise and make a deep analaysis of the generated cavity when the injection is made. Furthermore, we could use a wide range of materials, from soft solids (agarose gels) to Newtonian […]

Publication in ADDR

Jelle and David have recently published a review paper with the title ‘Jet injectors: Perspectives of small volume delivery using lasers‘. The paper was published in the prestigious journal ‘Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews’ and is part of the editor’s collection of 2021. The article describes the current status and perspective of laser-based jet injection. It […]