New paper published in Applied Physics Letters

Our new article is published in Applied Physics Letters. It is titled “Laser beam properties control and microfluidic confinement control thermocavitation”. In this study, Jelle and David collaborate with Jose Alfredo Alvarez-Chavez from the Optical Sciences group in Twente. We study thermocavitation in microfluidic confinement, which is the generation of a vapor bubble through CW […]

Winner Edmund Optics Educational Gold Award

We have been awarded the Edmund Optics Educational Gold award! Last month, it was already announced that we were one of the five finalists in Europe and today Edmund Optics announced that we won the gold award! The prize is €7000 in products of Edmund Optics. As our experimental project heavily relies on optics, both […]

Finalist Edmund Optics Educational Awards

We are finalists for the Edmund Optics Educational Awards 2023, in the Europe category. The University of Twente and specifically the BubBle-Gun Project has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists in Europe. The winner will be chosen on the 20th of December, and the top 3 will get 7k, 5k and 3k in […]

Presentation at NWO Biophysics Veldhoven 2023

On Monday 9th of October, Diana gave a presentation at the NWO Biophysics conference in Vedlhoven, entitled: “controlled needle-free delivery of insulin in ex vivo human skin for targeted skin-layer delivery”. The presentation was well received and the following discussion had to be aborted due to a lack of available time. Furthermore, attendance of the […]

Visit Member of Representatives Martijn Grevink (VVD)

Last Monday (May 8th) Martijn Grevink visited our group. He is member of the Dutch House of Representatives, on behalf of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). Within the VVD he works on the economic affairs and investment policy. Together with the Twente Board, he visited several companies and institutes in Twente on […]

Microfluidic jet splashing Charted

While preparing our Bubble-Gun system for actual skin injections using hydrogels we discovered distinct impact behavior based on jet characteristics and material stiffness. As the vast majority of (microfluidic)jet impact behavior was still uncharted territory we decided to map and explore the boundaries of these impact regimes. This work was collected into a paper titled […]

Squeezed Droplets

Following the work that we did on microfluidic jets impacting on droplets, we decided to squeeze droplets between two glass walls. This allowed us to visualise and make a deep analaysis of the generated cavity when the injection is made. Furthermore, we could use a wide range of materials, from soft solids (agarose gels) to Newtonian […]

BuBbleGun at University of Twente Alumniday 2022

During the 2022 University of Twente Alumniday, Diana gave a seminar about the history of needles and injections, needle-free injections and the remaining issues with current needle-free injection systems, which our BuBbleGun system aspires to resolve. There was a broad audience of UT Alumni and there was a extensive discussion afterwards. Additionally, the demonstration experiment […]