Publication in ADDR

Jelle and David have recently published a review paper with the title ‘Jet injectors: Perspectives of small volume delivery using lasers‘. The paper was published in the prestigious journal ‘Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews’ and is part of the editor’s collection of 2021. The article describes the current status and perspective of laser-based jet injection. It begins with a history of jet injection and compares the different actuation methods. It continues by describing the advantages of the delivery of small volume jets, of which among others are the increased control over injection depth and volume. The increased control of injection depth allows for superficial injections, specifically beneficial for vaccines (5-10x dose reduction) and insulin, but could also be used for (medical) tattoos. In the body of the paper, all current research of laser-actuated jet injectors are described and reviewed. The paper is finalized with a perspective of the authors on the future of laser-actuated jet injectors.

This publication was also covered by the media of the University of Twente, and the Dutch Society of Engineers (de Ingenieur, in Dutch)


Graphical Abstract of the publication

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