global reach

The main benefit of our outreach is a two-way communication between BuBble Gun’s team and society. We educate and inspire the public by pursuing a cycle in which a) peer-reviewed scientific results feed outreach activities, and b) the public’s reaction gives us an indication of the relevance of our work and inspires us to further respond to the needs of society


  • Articles 123 
  • Languages 12
  • Reach +72 million 

Popular outlets include
Daily Mail,, Volkskrant

North America

  • Articles 51
  • Reach 65+ million
  • Languages 4

Popular outlets include
Yahoo News, Medscape, Singtao

South America

  • Articles 58
  • Languages 2
  • Reach 60+ million 

Popular outlets include
Infobae, R7, Clarin


  • Articles 78
  • Languages 9
  • Reach 60+ million

Popular outlets include
Tuổi Trẻ Online, 聯合新聞網, Okezone


  • Articles 119
  • Languages 1
  • Reach 65+ million

Popular outlets include

7News, Newshub, TheNewDaily


  • Articles 18
  • Reach 38+ million
  • Languages 3

Popular outlets include

Al-Arabiya, Haaretz, Opera News

David and his team

We hope that this invention will soon be used all over the world,” says David. “Especially in developing nations where it would help people who can’t afford traditional medical care.