Towards controlled needle-free injections

BuBbleGun combines novel technologies to deliver fluids with controlled depth and volume with minimal damage to the skin.

Penetrating microjets in soft matter

BuBbleGun unveils new knowledge at the intersection of microfluidics, physics, and bioengineering, towards a new understanding of cavitation, jetting rheology, and injection phenomena.

Our novel approach focused on delivering small volumes (less than 0.1 mL) in the superficial layers of skin (intradermal) can contribute to better and personalised treatments.

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Our overarching goal is to develop a clear picture of the energy partition initiated with the creation of bubbles, converted by the tuned rheology of jets, and ending with jet penetration into soft substrates.

This fundamental knowledge will be applied to achieve a major breakthrough in liquid jet injection – the BuBble Gun.


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