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FlowBeams visits Hello Tomorrow

FlowBeams visited Hello Tomorrow in Paris from March 20-22. Hello Tomorrow is the major European event for deeptech startups and investors. Lea and Jelle represent …

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EIC transition grant for FlowBeams!

FlowBeams, a MedTech spin-off from the University of Twente relying on the BuBble-Gun technology, proudly announces receiving the highly competitive the European Innovation Council (EIC) …

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Talks and Lectures

NWO Physics conference

David and Jelle attended the NWO Physics conference in Velthoven on January 23 & 24. NWO Physics is the largest physics conference in the Netherlands, …

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JellePublicationUniversity of Twente

New paper published in Applied Physics Letters

Our new article is published in Applied Physics Letters. It is titled “Laser beam properties control and microfluidic confinement control thermocavitation”. In this study, Jelle …

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NewsPrizesUniversity of Twente

Winner Edmund Optics Educational Gold Award

We have been awarded the Edmund Optics Educational Gold award! Last month, it was already announced that we were one of the five finalists in …

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Keerthana presented at Applied Physical Society – Division of Fluid Dynamics conference 2023

On Nov 21, Keerthana gave an oral presentation at the American Physical Society – Division of Fluid Dynamics conference (APS DFD 2023) in Washington DC, …

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