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New BuBble-gun publication with Andrew Dickerson in Physics of Fluids

The newest publication from the BuBble-gun team has been selected Featured  article in the Physics of Fluids journal! This work isthe result of the visit …

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DianaPublicationUniversity of Twente

Microfluidic jet splashing Charted

While preparing our Bubble-Gun system for actual skin injections using hydrogels we discovered distinct impact behavior based on jet characteristics and material stiffness. As the …

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NewsPublicationUniversity of Twente

Squeezed Droplets

Following the work that we did on microfluidic jets impacting on droplets, we decided to squeeze droplets between two glass walls. This allowed us to visualise …

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DianaMediaTalks and Lectures

BuBbleGun in Klokhuis episode ‘Fear-free injections’

Proud and happy to share our needle-free injection research with the new generation! On 31-11-2022 our BuBbble-Gun system was featured in an episode from Klokhuis, …

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NewsTalks and LecturesVisits

Jelle presented at the Nanobubble 2022 conference

Jelle attended the Nanobubble 2022 conference, hosted by the Otto-Von-Guericke University in Magdeburg (Germany). The conference was well-attended by experts working in the field of …

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Visit to EPFL (Switzerland)

Last month, David and Jelle visited EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland). They were hosted by prof. Christophe Moser and dr. Jan Krizek of the Laboratory of …

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