Lecture for the younger audiences

I am so excited to talk to a promising audience! During the Weekend of Science, it will be the first time I get the opportunity to talk directly to kids from 8 years and above… More than telling much, I want to know what they think about our idea to inject without needles, and how […]

Keynote speaker at TechMed2021

Header image for TechMed2021 event

I have the honour to be the Keynote Speaker to this TechMed event, but what I am very interested is in meeting new collaborators to make healthcare better and more accessible to all.

About bubbles, microfluidics future trends and challenges

Today I had the privilege to talk during a colloquium organised by the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-N├╝rnberg (HI ERN) and the Department of Chemistry and Biological Engineering (CBI) at FAU. The title of my lecture was Pinning and encircling bubbles, and it was online due to the current travel restrictions to combat the Covid-19 pandemics. I […]

Still from 2020

Just before finishing the year, I had the great pleasure to hold a new type of Young Scientist Ambassador Programme missions, YSAP, from the Global Young Academy. Together with Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma, from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, our two groups shared a full half-day sharing knowledge, and some food at the end! […]

Online lecture during Spotlight talks

Today I had the chance to present the main results of our Lorentz Center event related to Education and Process Intensification, during the European Federation of Chemical Engineering Spotlight Talks series. The links to the resulting papers are these Process intensification education contributes to sustainable development goals Part 1, Part 2. The link to the […]

Open days at the UT

Since we cannot have a “face to face” event this year, we had an online event to explain future Master students what is it all about. I contributed with a mini-lecture explaining the importance of Chemical Science & Engineering studies in our faculty. My part shows up in minute 47:10. (link)

A new Semester

This week the new semester started, and I am teaching two courses: Innovating Reactor Systems (Master – including Chemical Engineering programs) Innovation Project (Bachelor Honours programme – Shaping the Future) On both we will have to adapt to the new rules to mitigate risks during the Covid-19 pandemics.For sure it is hard for students and […]

Generous donation to my research activities

The University Foundation arranged a fundraising action as part of its annual campaign to support improvements of the Quality of life for Diabetics. Last October 4th I received the check, and had the opportunity to answer questions from many of the generous donors! Looking forward to using this contribution in the best possible way.