Proof of Concept 150k Euro grant from the ERC to develop a prototype: needle free injections closer to become reality!

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that we got the Proof of Concept grant to continue developing our needle-free injector prototype!
We want to revolutionize the experience of people who receive or perform frequent injections by developing a portable needle-free device using lasers and microjets.

Bold-Jet will become a solution perfectly suitable for treatments that do not require a high dosage in one injection event. Among others, vaccines such as antigen-based and nanoparticle-based (as used for mRNA vaccines against COVID-19), hormones, and drugs with elevated potency are good candidates. The same technology will be capable of injecting other types of liquids of great commercial relevance, such as inks and cosmetic formulations.

More details can be found here, and tips to apply for ERC projects. The official announcement from the University of Twente can be read here.

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