Talking at the World Health Summit

I spoke at the World Health Summit about small volume injections without needles: less pain and less waste.  The whole ‘New Voices in Global Health’ session can be seen in this video-link.

Reuters: ‘Virtually painless’ needle-free injections developed in Netherlands

BuBble Gun

Reuters presents our work: `Virtually painless’ needle-free injections developed in Netherlands! See also how the World Economic Forum also covered our work in this link to video. “Roughly one in five Dutch people are afraid of needles, said Henk Schenk, who offers therapy to help those suffering acutely. “Phobia of needles is more common than you […]

As expert…

Once more, EOS has asked me to comment, now on the possibilities of using textile / clothes as sensors!

Apple sauce

While many were having a summer break, our work became cover of the Soft Matter volume 17 of 2021. Please, check the comparison with the famous work of Doc Edgerton ‘making apple sauce’. Tiny Giants‘ supported with the beautiful artwork. I am thankful of Miguel Quetzeri-Santiago, Devaraj van der Meer from the University of Twente and Ian Hunter from Massachusetts Institute […]

Several interviews …

After receiving the Prince Friso Award several news’ agencies contacted me, to make interviews, or comment on recently published items. It is amazing how much energy goes into trying to communicate with the broader audience… but it is worth the effort. Here, a list of the most salient: Ahora con Oscar Haza Cover of printed […]

Engineer of the Year!

I could not believe my ears when it was announced that I won both, the Professional Jury and the Popular award of the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs 2021 (Prince Friso Engineering Prize). I want to thank the organizers of such a great event, the jury members, the De Ingenieur magazine, and KIVI. It was also a unique opportunity […]

In Spanish and Dutch

I gave a couple of interviews to different news outlets, related to the nomination for the Prince Friso Engineering Award of 2021. Inyectar sin agujas: la solución de un cubano y su equipo en los Países Bajos : Juventud Ténica, Cuba Inyecciones sin agujas: el proyecto candidato a premio de un ingeniero cubano El Toque, Cuba […]

Finalist … soon who knows?

Due to a busy schedule, I have not posted this nice video made as part of my selection for the Prins Friso Engineer of 2021 prize. This video shows my ambitions of bringing to society a needle-free injection technology and sustainable ultrasonic cleaning.Being a finalist to the Prince Friso Engineering Award is already a big […]