Green sustainable aspects of our technology: Het Groene Oosten, Dutch TV

Lea Milovich, co-founder of our spin-off FlowBeams explains (in Dutch) several elements of our plans. In particular, reducing the amount of waste generated with traditional injections would have tremendous impact. The journalist André van der Zee seized our ideas with a great sense of humour! Healthcare workers suffer needle-stick incidents with grave consequences for their […]

Stairway to Impact Award 2021 prize from Dutch Research Council

This year is full of amazing news for the BuBble Gun team, and The Stairway to Impact Awards 2021 is a very good example. It will be used to organise the second edition of The Future Under Our Skin. is an international stakeholder network with funding from the National Research Agenda. FUOS has evolved into […]

World Economic Forum features BuBble Gun

BuBble Gun

The World Economic Forum featured our work! David shows the reporters of Reuters how the needle-free injection experiment works link to video. Our mock prototype can be seen in one embodiment here.

Talking at the World Health Summit

I spoke at the World Health Summit about small volume injections without needles: less pain and less waste.  The whole ‘New Voices in Global Health’ session can be seen in this video-link.

Reuters: ‘Virtually painless’ needle-free injections developed in Netherlands

BuBble Gun

Reuters presents our work: `Virtually painless’ needle-free injections developed in Netherlands! See also how the World Economic Forum also covered our work in this link to video. “Roughly one in five Dutch people are afraid of needles, said Henk Schenk, who offers therapy to help those suffering acutely. “Phobia of needles is more common than you […]

Lecture for the younger audiences

I am so excited to talk to a promising audience! During the Weekend of Science, it will be the first time I get the opportunity to talk directly to kids from 8 years and above… More than telling much, I want to know what they think about our idea to inject without needles, and how […]

Sensus Jury

I had the great opportunity to serve as jury of the Translational Potential award during the student’s competition Sensus.

As expert…

Once more, EOS has asked me to comment, now on the possibilities of using textile / clothes as sensors!

Apple sauce

While many were having a summer break, our work became cover of the Soft Matter volume 17 of 2021. Please, check the comparison with the famous work of Doc Edgerton ‘making apple sauce’. Tiny Giants‘ supported with the beautiful artwork. I am thankful of Miguel Quetzeri-Santiago, Devaraj van der Meer from the University of Twente and Ian Hunter from Massachusetts Institute […]