Visit to EPFL (Switzerland)

Last month, David and Jelle visited EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland). They were hosted by prof. Christophe Moser and dr. Jan Krizek of the Laboratory of Applied Photonic Devices. Over the past 5 years, this group has been working on needle-free jet injection using a pulsed laser source. During this visit, Jelle has been doing experiments together with Jan to investigate the needle-free jet injection using this pulsed laser source. This allows for a direct comparison with the continuous-wave laser source used in the laboratory back in Twente. As discussed in the recently published perspective paper, both of these laser sources have been used in the needle-free jet injection research, but a direct comparison has never been made. This comparison could indicate which laser source is beneficial for different subfields of needle-free jet injection.



Jelle, Jan and David in the lab at EPFL

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